Let Girls Learn: New Classroom Constructions 

Everyone deserves the chance at an education. However, when a middle school built in 1963 runs out of space for all their students, they have to do what they can and split large rooms into smaller ones. This inhibits the education of all students. The picture above is one of the three smaller classrooms split by makeshift walls in the large room. When it rains, the classrooms flood, making it impossible to learn. 

On an average day, this large room has 153 students, 100 which are girls. Three teachers, teaching either in French, English, or Malagsay, are trying to keep the attention of about 51 students all at the same time. Creating a new, safe space, would provide the students with a better learning environment. It also will increase the attendance rate of students. 

The community is eager to get started on the project. They will provide the experienced and skilled laborers and the materials and supplies to help in the construction of three new classrooms. However, they need your help to complete the project. Building three new classrooms would allow the middle school to move the students from the old classrooms to the new ones and affect many more generations to come. Pictured below is the current situation of the learning environment :

Flooded walkway and dangerous ceiling

Flooding in the classroom

One of the three classrooms separated by makeshift walls

Once the construction of the classrooms are completed, myself, along with my community counterparts will hold a training for both male and female students to educate them about the importance of gender equity to improve their community and their school. Gender equity tends to be challenged by traditions, culture and living environment. It also an lead to a decrease in girls attendance at school. Both the classrooms and the training will improve the learning environment for the students, educate about the importance of education and gender equity, and increase the attendance rate of students, especially girls. Please go to https://donate.peacecorps.gov/donate/project/classroom-construction-increasing-girls-access-to-education/  and donate to help my community in building three new classrooms. Any amount will help! Your dollar will go a long way here, especially for these smiling faces: 


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