Tamana in Mahanoro 

My house (on the left) and the kitchen/shower (on the right)

The gate to my house

Tamana in Mahanoro, Madagascar. At home in Mahanoro, Madagascar. Welcome to my house here in Mahanoro. It is a one room ravinala house, which is a typical house in this region. So step inside and take a look at my simple living here: 

Entrance to my house

The inside of my house

I was gifted with the furniture in my house from previous volunteers here (all locally hand-made by carpenters here). In the picture above starting from the left is a comfy chair where I sit and relax, taking in the beautiful breeze from the door. In the back left corner is where I get dressed. I keep my clothes on the shelf and look at pictures of friends and family everyday! (Feel free to send me more) 

My bed always has the bed net tucked in so that I never find any critters in it. To the right of my desk in the corner there are handmade mats that open if I want to sit on the floor. My hats, bags and calendar hang above that. The green bin is used to hand wash my clothes. 

My map of the world surrounded my cards from friends and family. Send me more cards so I can cover my wall!

My kitchen

Sink on the right, shower on the left

View of the elementary school from my kitchen. The kids like to come to the fence and call my name and talk to me

My kabone

Some big items in my kitchen: 

  1. My water filter (tall and silver on the table) 
  2. My two burner gas stove 
  3. Gas tank
  4. The round thing on the far wall is used to sort rice, peanuts, or beans
  5. I have yet to use my bike because it’s easier just to walk 
  6. The bag hanging on the right is where I keep my fruits and veggies (I have to close it with clothes pins or cockroaches eat them) 
  7. The shelf on the bottom holds my drying rack for dishes 
  8. The water in the shower is hit or miss so if not, bucket shower it is! 

My hammock hanging in my yard


2 thoughts on “Tamana in Mahanoro 

  1. My goodness, Molly you are living a primitive life; something only a few of us could do. God bless you for bringing happiness and education to a poorer place. I can just see the kids running to your gate to talk to you. I’m sure they love you and will miss you when you are gone. Keep on keeping on. I can’t wait to hear much more when you get home. Love, Carol

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